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Traffic Relief

Traffic flow is key to the success of the Louisiana International Terminal and to the quality of life in St. Bernard Parish. Port NOLA is working with regional and state agencies to deliver transportation improvements when or before they are needed.

Lower St. Bernard Parish Roadway Network & Resilience Study

The Regional Planning Commission (RPC) and the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development (LADOTD) are conducting a “Stage 0” Feasibility Study. This effort will help the agencies better understand how future growth would impact traffic in St. Bernard Parish. It will also:

  • Identify ways to reduce or mitigate potential impacts of growth on St. Bernard's roadway network
  • Conduct preliminary environmental reviews
  • Develop preliminary scope estimate for each infrastructure improvement concept
  • Identify funding sources

Study Area

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Learn More About the Study

The RPC is reviewing impacts from natural population growth in St. Bernard Parish as well as from the Louisiana International Terminal. The potential terminal project can help push through much-needed improvements in the area.

RPC's Roadway Development Process

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  • Assess future traffic flows in St. Bernard based on natural growth and that from the Louisiana International Terminal
  • Identify ways to reduce or mitigate potential impacts of growth on St. Bernard’s roadway network
  • Conduct preliminary environmental reviews 
  • Develop preliminary scope estimate for each infrastructure improvement concept
    Identify funding sources


  • Develop detailed plans for each feasible infrastructure improvement project
  • Advance environmental analysis
  • Refine project budgets
  • Complete the environmental review and analysis process


  • Finalize roadway improvement designs
  • Obtain necessary permits
  • Develop a traffic management plan for construction


  • Build roadway improvements according to design



$65 Million already committed 

We've worked with state and federal partners to raise funds to support the RPC's traffic study and design phases.

  • $50 million in capital outlay from the Louisiana Legislature.

  • $15 million through the federal Transportation, Housing and Urban Development and Related Agencies (THUD) Appropriations Act for 2024. 

Group 108.pngSt. Bernard Transportation Corridor

Port NOLA is a dedicated advocate for the development of the St. Bernard Transportation Corridor, which is envisioned to be a third roadway connecting St. Bernard Parish to the interstate system.

Port NOLA hired WSP USA, Inc. to help deliver the new transportation corridor by developing a public-private partnership strategy. WSP will identify potential options project delivery, funding, management, and maintenance.